If you are constantly quoting the same kind of work or you have complex Quotes with lots of details you can create ‘template’ Quotes in Streamtime and duplicate those each time you need to do a new Quote. This will save you from having to redo the same Quotes over and over again.

A little bit of admin before you get started

The first step is to create a new Quote status called Template. This will make it easier for you to find all of your template quotes in the system.

To do this go to Setup > System Setup > Quotes and go to the Master List.

Note: If you already have a Quote status called Template you can skip this step.

Create Quote Status

Click the drop down arrow next to Master List and then click Edit.

Add in a new status called Template and click OK.

Create Quote

Now you can create your Quote by going to the Quotes tab and clicking the New Quote button to create a new Quote.


  1. Give your Quote template a meaningful name, something that is easy to search by

  2. Assign the status of Template to the Quote

  3. Fill in the rest of the Quote with detail, keeping in mind that this will be duplicated in future

Tip: Some clients create a template with every item they might possibly quote included on the template, then when they use the template they can just delete out any items they're not using for that particular Quote/Estimate.

Lock Quote

Once you are happy with your template you can lock that Quote by clicking on the padlock in the top right hand corner. This will stop the template Quote from being accidentally edited.

Find Your Templates

When you are ready to use one of your template Quotes go to the Quotes tab and click Find.

Select the Status of template and click Enter.

Streamtime will show you all the Quotes with a status of Template and you can scroll through them using the arrows in the top right hand corner.

Or if you click on the List Quotes tab it will take you to a list of those template Quotes.

Duplicating Quote

Once you have found the Quote you wish to use, select the Duplicate button.

Decide if you want to create a sequence or a new Quote number (in most instances this will be new) and click Duplicate.

Streamtime duplicates the Quote, giving it a brand new number and you can then:

  1. Change the name of the Quote

  2. Assign a client

  3. Change the Status of the Quote

Once you are happy with the Quote you can then send it to your client.

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