The FileMaker Server software has a backup schedule function that allows for backups to be scheduled at regular intervals. To get to this area, go to > Admin Console > Schedules.

NOTE: We also recommend taking a copy of your Streamtime database backups and saving them to a blank CD or USB at least once a week.

Create a new Schedule

FileMaker Server comes loaded with three default backup schedules; Daily, Hourly and Weekly with only the Daily enabled. Enabling Hourly and Weekly Schedules in many cases will suffice; each backup is a rolling backup with a set number of iterations.

To create a schedule, go to 'Create a Schedule' in the top right corner of the Schedules screen.

Select a Task

In this screen you want to choose the first option to backup your databases.

Choose Databases to backup

In this screen you can choose all databases or select the databases you want to back up and it shows you the location of these databases.

Confirm backup location

We recommend that you save your backups to the default location; by choosing this option you will be saving you files here - Finding Streamtime Databases on your FileMaker Server

Or you can choose to save your backups to different folder on the machine (please beware if you choose a different location for your backups and the file path can not validate then you will have to re-install the Filemaker Server).

Finally, choose the number of backups to keep and whether you want to verify the backup or clone it.

Backup Frequency

Decide on the frequency of your backup.

Name your backup & enable Email Notifications

Name your Schedule and you have the option to set up Email Notifications for the backup error and confirmation of successful backups; you will need to configure your SMTP information so emails can be sent out.


Summary of what you have configured then Click finish; you have now created a backup schedule.

Edit backup

Ooops, you made a mistake and need to change something? No problem. In this example, I forgot to increase the number of daily backups I want to keep; currently it's set to keep one day but actually I'd like to keep seven. Go to > Schedules > Edit Schedule > then navigate to the setting you'd like to change.

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