You've accessed Streamtime Web before, but now it's not working...

You're probably seeing a message that says "Something's not set up right."

If you prefer to DIY and you've got good IT skills, please read on.

Here are a few things to check, in no particular order...

Check that you're typing in your Streamtime Web URL correctly.

It sounds silly, but we all make typos, no big deal.

Usually your URL will look something like:

Check that the Web Server on your FileMaker Server is running

Your FileMaker Server machine must have a Web Server running, either Apache (OS X) or IIS (Windows).

On your server you can test if a web server is running by opening a web browser and typing http://localhost and/or https://localhost in the address bar. If it's working you'll see a message.

On OS X it'll say "It Works!" or show you the OS X Wiki.

On Windows you'll see an IIS splash page.

Check that FileMaker Server's Web Publishing Engine is enabled

a) Sign in to the FileMaker Server Admin Console

b) Within FileMaker Server Overview/Status Menu check if Web Publishing is enabled

c) If you don’t see Web Publishing Listed, Web Publishing is not enabled, click “Edit Deployment"

d) Select “Enable Web Publishing” with the settings as below and follow through the steps till complete

Check that Port Forwarding is configured correctly

Streamtime Web needs to make requests to your FileMaker Server via the Web Server running on that machine.

You enter your Public IP Address into MyStreamtime and tell us where your router is, at this stage we can talk to your router but not to your FileMaker Server.

A port forwarding rule needs to be created in your router to forward requests coming from Streamtime Web through to your FileMaker Server.

If you need help setting up port forwarding, head over to

You can search for the make and model of your router and find step-by-step guide on setting up port forwarding rules.

Making changes to your network is generally left to your IT Manager or IT provider.

Check you have Static IP Addresses

**If the IP Address of your router or your FileMaker Server machine changes over time, this will break your connection to Streamtime Web.

Check that your router has a Static IP Address

This is given to you from your Internet Service Provider, give them a call to check.

Check that your FileMaker Server has a Static IP Address

How to check this depends specifically on your operating system, generally a quick Google will show you how to check.

If you're still stuck, please email us at ... we do this all the time and are ready to help make this effortless for you.

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