To see tasks assigned to you, select the Tasks button on the top right of the web browser.

Each task displays the job number & name, client, start & due dates, estimated and remaining time.

Your tasks can be sorted by Start or Due date, and if you have a lot of tasks, search to find the one you’re looking for by typing in the name or number.

Adding time to a task after you're done

Add time to a task by selecting the + button.

Now add notes for this time entry and enter the number of hours and minutes, or a start and end time and Save.

Time can be added in a few different formats, for example: 1.5, 1:30, 1h30m, or 1:00pm - 2:30pm.

Recording time using the Timer

If you prefer, you can record your time using the timer.

When you’re done, select the red timer button and your time entry is saved.

Editing your time entries

All time entered for each day is displayed in your timesheet, and time entries can be edited here too.

Adding time for another day

To add a time entry for another day, select the task and choose the day from the calendar, enter the details and save.

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