Streamtime allows the export of Invoices (Sales) and Purchase Orders (Expenses) to most MYOB versions. To see if your version is compatible please refer to the table shown at the end of this document.

Setting up Streamtime

Before you start, select your MYOB account package in the Streamtime setup tab.

Choose from the Accounts Package drop-down list in the Setup > System Setup > Accounts Package Integration section of Streamtime.

Invoice Number Type

Most versions of MYOB support alpha numeric invoice numbers so tying the job number and invoice number together using the setting ‘Use Job No as Invoice No?’ is fine.

Note: the length of invoice number MYOB can import is limited 8 alpha numeric digits/characters or less.

Starting Invoice Number

If you already have invoices in your accounts package you will need to specify a specific point at which Streamtime starts generating new invoice numbers.

We recommend you locate the last Invoice Number in your accounts package then add 1000 to it. Set this number in Streamtime as the starting point for all new invoices. This will leave a gap of 1000 invoices in your accounts package which can be back filled in the future if required or used to load any previously missed invoices during your transition to Streamtime.

Default Sales and Purchase Codes

When you first install Streamtime by default you can specify a ‘Accounts Code for Sales’ and an ‘Accounts Code for Purchases’ these can be found in the Administration > Invoicing Section of Streamtime.

All new Cost Matrix items created will start with these codes by default however they can be overridden if required.

Cost Matrix Setup: The Streamtime Cost Matrix lists all of the items that you buy and sell. Each item has a “Sales” Code and an “Expense” code assigned to it.

MYOB matches line items in each Streamtime invoice using the accounts code in the cost matrix to the corresponding income or expense/cost of sale account in the accounting package.

Contact Setup

Each contact in Streamtime needs to match up with a company in MYOB to be able to transfer invoices or purchase orders. MYOB matches invoices and orders based on the Company name, and they must be identical in both systems.

For example, Commonwealth Bank is the client in Streamtime & the Customer in MYOB.

If this complete, then your setup is done. You're now ready to export invoices and orders from Streamtime and import them into MYOB.

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