This article & video show the the steps to Export your Invoices from Streamtime to Xero.

Streamtime Setup

Before we can begin, we need to have Streamtime and Xero configured correctly. The steps on how to Integrate Streamtime with Xero and located here. 

Step 1. Create a List of Invoices to Export to Xero.

In Streamtime, all exporting is done from the list screen. Invoice exports to Xero are done from the Job Invoicing > Invoice List screen.
 Ensure you perform a find for invoices that have been issued and not yet exported before clicking export.
 Clicking on the "Show Invoiced" button is a quick way of showing all invoices that have the status “Sent”, “Emailed” or “Posted”.

Step 2. Click Export.

Once you have your list of Invoices ready to export, click the Export button.

When you click export, the following dialog will appear. Primarily this is checking if the export button has been accidentally clicked. Click “Yes” and the Export Date on the list changes to today’s date.

Streamtime then uploads your Invoices to your Xero account.

Step 3. Complete the Export in Streamtime.

The next dialog to appear on the screen asks if you want to set these invoices as exported and lock them.
 We recommend that you leave this dialog on screen until you complete Step 4.

Step 4. Log Into Xero

Now open your Web Browser and Log into your Xero account.
 Go to Accounts > Accounts Receivable
 Confirm the Xero Drafts tab contains the uploaded Invoices.
 If this is successful, come back to streamtime and select “Yes”. If not, then we may need to make some changes in Streamtime, so select “No”

Step 5. Confirm the Export is complete.

Once you're satisfied the Export from Streamtime to Xero is complete, lock the Invoices in Streamtime by clicking Yes. This marks the invoices as exported and padlock icons appears next to the list of invoices along with the export date.

The fields that are pushed from Streamtime to Xero in the invoice export are:

- Invoice Number
- Invoice Job Number
- Contact Name
- Invoice Date
- Invoice DueDate
- CurrencyCode
- TotalTax
- Total

Invoice Lines:
- Line Description
- Line Tax
- Line Amount
- Line Quantity
- Line TaxType
- Line AccountCode

NOTE: Streamtime Invoice Line items must include an Invoice Description. Items left blank will cause Xero Exports to fail. Negative invoices will be rejected by Xero and will have to be entered manually.

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