Streamtime update 13.0v7 makes some adjustments to the Sage PO integration process. This update MUST be run before attempting the integration. Please contact Streamtime support should you have any questions.

The majority of settings that have been configured for the Sage invoice integration will also be relevant for the integration of Purchase Orders. There are however a couple of extra settings that must be configured.

 - Sage 50 Accounts Professional is the only Sage package that includes the Purchases module - this is required.

- All purchase order line item quantities are set to 1 on export out of Streamtime. This ensures that the total cost of each line is not re-calculated when the ledgers are updated within Sage.

1a. Purchase Order Numbers


Important: Sage 50 Accounts 2009 or later cannot process alpha numeric PO numbers, these will be rejected during import.

Starting PO Number:

The PO number that you start from in Streamtime is largely dependent on what you have been using previously in your accounting package.

If you already have PO's in your accounting package you will need to specify a specific point at which Streamtime starts generating new PO numbers. We recommend you locate that last Invoice Number in your accounting package then add 1000 to it. Set this number in Streamtime as the starting point for all new PO's. This will leave a gap of 1000 purchase orders in your accounting package which can be back filled in future if required or used to load any previously missed PO's.

b. New Supplier Setup

In the same way customers are handled, suppliers must be created in both the Streamtime contacts list as well as the Sage suppliers list. New suppliers should also be assigned a 'Code' in both Streamtime and Sage. It is vital that the company names and codes are identical in both systems.

c. Cost Matrix Setup

Each item in Streamtime's cost matrix requires an “Expense” code assigned to it. In Sage these are equivalent to the nominal expenses codes stored in the chart of accounts.

d. Product List

Any item in the Streamtime cost matrix that will be present on a purchase order will also have to be added to the Sage product list (Products > Product List).

2. Find and Export relevant PO's

- Via the Purchase Order list in the Orders section of Streamtime, find the purchase orders you want to export. You can use either the quick search option in the PO list view or the options within 'Advanced Search'. Searching date ranges, active or status' are generally the most common.

- Once you have the list, select 'Export' from the list view

- Save the export file to your desktop

3. Import PO's - APImport Tool - v20.2 is required

If you are running a version older than the above, please update via here - Sage Import User Guide - Install Tool.

To import the PO into Sage, follow the same steps outlined in the invoice integration article - Sage Integration - Import Steps

4. Sage Functionality

Once the Purchase Orders have been successfully imported into Sage (Suppliers - Purchase Order List), the Sage accounting system functionality takes over.

From the Purchase Order List, Sage moves the PO through 'Place Orders', 'Receive Deliveries' and finally 'Update Ledgers'.

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