There are two ways you can update the font and style formatting in your PrintForms.

If you would like the new formatting to appear in all your Invoice / Quotes / Tenders & Orders templates then you will need to manually edit each PrintForms.

1. Apply to the PrintForm Layout


- Preview a quote in Streamtime.
- In the top FileMaker Menu go to: Form > Edit This PrintForm
- Click “OK” in both the pop ups that appear.
- In the top FileMaker Menu go to: View > Layout Mode

Select the object in the layout that you wish to update.

Then in the top FileMaker menu go to the ‘Format’ drop down list. You may use the following selections to apply formatting to the fonts in the selected object on your layout:
- Font
- Size
- Style
- Align Text
- Line Spacing
- Orientation
- Text Color

2. Use Inspector


FileMaker Pro 11 introduced the 'Inspector' to layout mode: formatting can be applied to objects directly from here.

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