There are 3 ways of creating reports from Streamtime Classic:

  1. Use the standard reports from the Reports section or the list views in Streamtime. The standard reports can not be modified and you can't add any new reports here.

  2. Use the Streamtime API to build custom web applications. You'll need a web developer to build these reports, but once they are ready, they are really easy to run over and over again.

  3. Export the data from Streamtime and create your own custom reports in Excel, Numbers or a Google Doc.

The third option is an interesting one, because the tools are available for everyone, most people know how to use them and with the right workflow, it's actually much easier to create custom reports than most people think.

In the video below we show you how you can easily create your own reports and how you can quickly run them again on a regular basis.



Note that our support team can help you with a couple of things:

  1. Help determine which data must be exported for your report

  2. Help you apply the right searches and filters to get that data

  3. Help you determine the best way to export the data.

But Streamtime will not create any reports for you in third party applications – this is not part of our user agreement. But there are plenty of website out there to help you on your way.


We have also created a number of example files that can help you on your way. You can use them to work out which formulas and formatting tricks are commonly used.

Download examples

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