If you find that text is being cut off from a field when previewing a quote/invoice/order in Streamtime, editing the form template may be necessary.

This article helps you to increase the size of the object on the layout that is pulling in the text from your database allowing the text to display correctly.

Preview the form you would like to edit in Streamtime.
In the top FileMaker Menu go to: Form > Edit This Printform
Click “OK” in both the pop ups that appear.
Then go to: View > Layout Mode

Missing Text

We will use the footer on a quote as an example. 'Line 5 blah blah blah' is being cut out of the above image as teh object allocated to display this information is not large enough.

Increase Part Dimensions

As this information is present in the footer of the form, we will need to increase the size of the footer part.

- Preview the form.
 - In the top FileMaker Menu go to: Form > Edit this Printform…
 - Switch to layout mode by holding down Command + L (MAC) or Control + L (WIN)
 - Scroll down the layout until you find the object that contains your footer.

1. Increase the size of the layout part that the object exists in by dragging the dotted line downwards.

Slide objects down

1. The objects that are below 'Line 4' will also need to be shifted down. Do this by selecting them and either dragging with the mouse or using the down arrow on the keyboard.

IMPORTANT - Be careful that all your objects remain in the same layout part as they were originally and do not overlap to another layout part or object.

Now enlarge the size of the footer field by selecting the object and clicking on the black box in the bottom corner and dragging downwards.

You should now see the text that was previously missing.

Close and Save the changes.

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