In Streamtime you can apply a discount to an Invoice by following the steps below.

Applying a discount to a Invoice


Once you have created the Invoice, go to your Category and Description columns and create a new line item on your invoice.

In the above example, we've chosen an item created specifically for applying discounts in the Streamtime Cost Matrix. Steps on creating these items are explained at the end of this article.


In the Details field you can type whatever you think is appropriate as this is the column the client will see on the Invoice.


Then go to the Quantity column to create your discounted rate. As you are discounting you will need to put in a minus (-) symbol and the amount.
In this example we're providing a 10% discount so the Quantity column shows -0.10 For 20% it's -0.2, 25% -0.25 etc.


Now you need to look at the total of the Invoiced column and place that figure in the Invoice Rate column


Your Invoice will now have the discount applied to it.


If you'd like to discount a flat fee e.g. £100 then you can put a -1 in the Qty/Hours column and the amount you wish to discount, in this case £100 in the Invoice Rate column.

Creating a discount item in your Cost Matrix


To create a new Cost Matrix item so that you have something to pull onto your Invoice.

Go to Setup > Cost Matrix and click the New Item button


In the example above we have used the Category: Internal and Task/Material: Discount but you can use whatever you feel is appropriate. Once you have created the item, click Save


Do not apply any values to this item, keep the Cost and Pricing Tier columns empty.

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