This article will show you how to duplicate one of Streamtime’s default Printforms.
Once a default printform is duplicated you may rename, edit and make it available in your “Print Centre” pop up window as a new form.
By doing this, you will always have your default printforms in your system for reference.

We will be using an Invoice as our example.

Duplicate a printform and rename the new form


1. Print and preview an invoice in Streamtime.

2. In the top FileMaker Menu, go to:
Form > Edit this PrintForm
Select OK when the warnings appear.

3. Hold down 'Command + L' (MAC) to switch to Layout Mode or 'Control + L' (PC)


1. In the top FileMaker Menu, go to:
Layouts > Duplicate Layouts

2. Then go to:
Layouts > Layouts Setup…

Update Layout Name


Update the Layout Name from “Print – InvoiceA4 Copy” to something meaningful eg. “Print – Custom Invoice”

Click OK to save.

You may now start editing this new layout which is a copy of your Invoice PrintForm.

Adding form to Print Centre


In Layout Mode go to View > Status Toolbar

1. This should reveal a toolbar in your Printform editing window where you can select a layout from a dropdown list.
2. Select the layout called “PrintForms Setup”

Create New Option in Print Centre


Hold down “Command + B” to switch to Browse Mode.

1. Click on the “New” button to create a new record.

2. Now enter the information about you new layout in this record.
- Blank box on the left > You can copy and paste an image into this field. This image will be previewed when you select you new printform in the Print Centre.
- Name > The name you want your printform to appear as in the Print Centre
- Layout Name > The name of the layout you created. This must be an exact match. For our example form we would type, Print – Custom Invoice
- Type of Form > These are a list of names of all the Print Centres we have in the system. To get this right check the what is entered ‘Type of Form’ field of the Printform you duplicated and use the same one. In our example we will set this field to “Invoice”
- Active Form? > Mark this as ‘Yes’ to make the form active in the system.
- Notes > these notes will preview in your Print Centre when you select you form
- PDF Able YN > Mark this as ‘Yes’ to allow you to create a PDF of this form.


Click in any white space in the window to save your changes.
Close the Window.
Close the Print Centre.



Print and Preview your form by selecting your new form in the Print Centre window.

Now you can start editing your new form without making changes to the default Printforms in the system.
It is a good idea to keep your default printforms in the system as they are so you can use them as a reference when creating your new forms or if you make changes to your own customized form that have stopped it reporting correctly, you can use your default forms until the customized form has been fixed.

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