On the 10th March 2021, The Streamtime Classic and Xero integration was updated to be OAuth2 as per the requirements set by Xero. Any clients connecting to Xero will need to follow the below instructions once to reconnect the two apps using this new authentication.

1. Streamtime Setup (this should be unchanged)

When in Streamtime, go to Setup > System Setup > Accounts Integration, ensuring you have set your accounts package to 'Xero online accounting software'.

2. Xero Setup

1. To set up your Xero account, go to https://secure.mystreamtime.com/api/xero/1.0/setup and log in to your Xero account.

You may need to use your two factor authentication app to complete this.

2. Once you've logged in you will see the below. Select your organisation and click "Continue with 1 organisation".

3. The final screen will display two key codes, one an "Id", one a "Secret". You will want to copy both of them.

3. Paste Codes

The two codes then go into the two spaces that are at the bottom of the accounts package integration, in the invoicing setup:

"Id" goes into the "Xero Consumer Key" field

"Secret" goes into the "Xero Consumer Secret" field

Once those codes have been placed within those text boxes, Streamtime and Xero will then be able to integrate . All you will need to do is do a find for the invoices that you wish to export and then hit the Export button; this will then push those invoices straight into your Xero account.

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