This report shows staff member's time for a seven day period from the start date specified. The report is sorted by day, and can be run by one for one or all staff.

To access this report go to Reports > Timesheet/Costs and select the Timesheet Summary (Weekly) report.

Report Filters

You can run this report using the following criteria:
Start Date - this is compulsory
Staff Name

Note: If you wish to run this report for all staff, leave the Staff Name field blank.

How to view your report

You can choose to preview your report, print it, make a PDF or export your report to excel so you can use the data to create your own reports.

This report shows seven days (from the start date) worth of time entries for staff members, making it easy to see which staff members still need to complete their timesheets for the week.


By running this report every Monday, with a start date from the Monday prior, you can ensure your staff are never more than a week behind on their timesheets.

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