In Streamtime you can track the amount that your Clients have paid against their Invoices quite simply via a checkbox. There's no need for another Status change.

We normally would only recommend tracking payments this if there is someone in your team who needs to see the amount paid who does not have access to your accounting package.

Marking an Invoice as Paid in Full

Marking an invoice as Paid in Full is very simple and can be performed from a list of Invoices

or individually.

Using the payment tick box conveniently ignores the Invoice Lock, meaning you can track payments after your Invoices are Sent, Exported to your accounting package and Locked.

After the paid check box is marked Streamtime will automatically mark the Date Paid field with the date that the box was checked, and will populate the Amount Paid field with the amount from your Invoice.

You can also enter a payment reference here if your Client has provided one.

Partially Paid Invoices

You'll be able to track partial payments in Streamtime as well.

This is done by manually entering the amount paid into the Amount Paid field and entering the Date manually.

This invoice will appear as Partially Paid in a list of Invoices. Partially paid invoiced figures are in orange and fully paid invoiced figures appear in green.

Using the Filemaker Pro menu (Invoicing - Show Party Paid Invoices) you can see a list of all partially paid Invoices.

Overdue Invoices

By using this feature you'll be able to see all Overdue Invoices in Streamtime very simply by using the Filemaker Pro menu (Invoicing - Show Overdue Invoices) you can see a list of all overdue Invoices.

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