You can add these merge fields to your Printforms to pull in information from Streamtime.

 Preview the form you would like to edit in Streamtime.
 In the top FileMaker Menu go to: Form > Edit This Printform
 Click “OK” in both the pop ups that appear.
 Then go to: View > Layout Mode

Click on the place in the layout where you would like the merge field to appear.
 Go to Insert > Graphic Object > Text

A text field should appear in the layout which you can add text to. Simply paste the below text starting from << and ending with >>


Default Quote

Job Number = <<Streamline::Job No>>
 Job Name = <<Streamline::Job Name>>
 Account Managers Email Address <<Staff for Quotes in v10::Email>>
 Quote Rate for line items = <<Quote Invoice Lines::Quote Line|Unit Price s Currency Formatted uc>>
 Quote Qty/Hours = <<Quote Quantity>>

Page Numbers = Page {{PageNumber}} of <<Streamline::ofpg>>


Default Invoice

Accountants Email Address = <<a Prefs Internal::Company Accountant Email Address>>
 Invoiced Rate for line items = <<Invoice Lines::Line|Unit Price s Currency Formatted uc>>

Page Numbers = Page {{PageNumber}} of <<Streamline::ofpg>>


Default Purchase Order

Quote Number = <<Purchase Orders::Related Quote No>>


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