There are 3 ways to access the FileMaker Server Admin Console in your office to configure settings on your FileMaker Server.

1 – On the desktop of the server machine look for this icon:

Double click it to load the Admin Console.

2 – On the Server Machine open a Web Browser and input this address in the address field:


Hit enter and this should load a Web Start Page where you can click on a button to start the Admin Console.

3 – On a machine in your office you can load the Server Admin Console remotely via the local network.
Open a web browser on a machine in your office and type this in the address field:
http://IP Address of Server:16000/
The Admin Console should load on that machine and your databases may be configured remotely.

NOTE: If you have forgotten your login details for the Admin Console you can reset the password by following these instructions What to do if FileMaker Server Admin Console password is lost or forgotten

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