Mac OSX Mail v5.x - v9.x

Is supported by the version of FileMaker Pro that is compatible with your version of OSX. If you are having issues, please contact us.

Outlook v15 (Office 2013)

Is supported on Windows when the FileMaker Pro version (32bit or 64bit) matches the Outlook version (32bit or 64bit).

Is supported on Mac OSX only in Streamtime version 14v3 and above.

Outlook v16 (Office 2016)

Is supported on Windows when running FileMaker Pro 14. The version of FileMaker Pro 14 (32bit or 64bit) must match the Outlook version (32bit or 64bit) installed. Eg. Outlook 64bit installation would require FileMaker Pro 14 (64bit installation). 

Outlook 2016 does not integrate with FileMaker Pro 13 or below.


Other setups may also work but we cannot provide any guarantee.

Other IT settings (Firewall, local security settings, ...) may also affect your configuration.

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