If you find that your fonts in Streamtime are behaving strangely such as text overlapping, white text or they are appearing as a font type other than standard system font Arial, then don't worry as there is an easy fix.

Streamtime uses the 'Arial' font by default, so the first step is to check 'Arial' has been enabled. If it is already enabled, then the font may be corrupt and will need to be replaced. You should be able to resolve either scenario by following the below steps.

  1. Check 'Arial' is enabled. Use your spotlight to find FontBook. When opened, find Arial and right click. If already enabled then move to step two. Replace 'Arial' font. Open Fontbook on another Mac, find Arial and right click to 'Show In Finder'. Copy these fonts and replace the existing 'Arial' font in FontBook on the corrupt machine. NB: Make sure you quit out of FileMaker Pro before replacing the font.                     

  2. Clean the system font cache. This blog describes the steps should you not be sure. 

  3. If doing the above does not resolve your issue then please contact Streamtime Support so they can help you resolve this issue.

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