For European users, there have been some instances where when saving a form (quote, PO, Invoice) as a PDF, the Euro symbol (€) is lost. This article explains why and the options to resolve.

Euro Symbol is Replaced

The issue occurs when the font used for the object on the form itself does not include the particular symbol in its font set. In the example above, the Myriad Pro font is assigned to the highlighted object. The Euro symbol is not part of the Myriad Pro font set so the system is not sure what symbol to display.

In other applications, the 'Fallback Font' technique is employed in these situations. FileMaker Pro does not use this technique (See point 4.3).

The issue does not occur when previewing or printing the form, only when saving as PDF.


  • Change the font the object uses to be one that includes the € symbol.

  • Replace the symbol with text eg, EUR 

  • Find a different version of the font that does have a complete character set. Check that you have the most recent version of the font or if there is a different version that contains the right character.

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