If you are receiving the below message we feel for you. There are just some things that are out of your control.  

The Issue:

Receiving a message Saying "Cannot Load Main Spelling Dictionary" when in Streamtime (FileMaker Pro). It is actually coming from a particular Anti-virus software called 'bitdefender'.


The Fixes : 

Looking through the Bit Defender and FileMaker forums there does not seem to be a rock solid answer. There are a few things that have worked for others though.

Add exclusions for these folders In Bit-Defender:

- Folder C:\Program Files\FileMaker

- File C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 13\Extensions\Dictionaries\usenglish

- Process C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Pro 13\FileMaker Pro.exe

The other thing that you can try is to  "check questionable words".

If you have any Questions please feel free to email us at classic@streamtime.net.

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