You can make changes to the Streamtime Print Forms to customise the templates. Please make sure you duplicate your form  before beginning the edit. For your information, if you mess up your forms, don't have a duplicate and require our help, you will be charged our standard rate of £150 per hour.

To Duplicate

Preview the form you would like to edit in Streamtime again.
In the top FileMaker Menu go to: Form > Edit This Printform
Click “OK” in both the pop ups that appear.
Then go to: View > Layout Mode
Then go to: Layout > Duplicate layout.

To start editing

Preview the form you would like to edit in Streamtime.
In the top FileMaker Menu go to: Form > Edit This Printform
Click “OK” in both the pop ups that appear.
Then go to: View > Layout Mode

Changing the text

There are 2 kinds of items: Text boxes and fields.

Changing text boxes

You can make changes to any of the text in the text boxes, just by double clicking on them. Note that some text in these elements is static, meaning it was written directly in the layout, while other text is dynamically updated based on record you are printing.
Static text just remains the same when you click inside the text box to edit (example 1), whereas dynamic database values will show up with their code instead (example 2), in the format "<<table::field>>". 

Note that both types can be mixed in the same text box. You can easily change the static text, e.g. to name the document "Estimate" instead of "Quote", or to change a static address showing up in the layout.
Be careful when changing the dynamic database references. You must respect the notation and you can not copy/paste these references between layouts of different types (e.g. copy <<Quotes::Quote No>> to an invoice layout).
You can insert extra database references via the menu Inser > Merge Field... To know which reference to use, either check examples in corresponding layouts or ask the support team.

Changing fields

Fields are text boxes that contain only 1 single piece of data. This could be text or an image. You can't edit them by double clicking on the, like the text boxes. You can only double click to choose which database field is used.


You can change the format of the text (colour, font, size, and much more). For more information, please check out this article.

Additionally, you can do some advanced formatting for dates and numbers via data tab in the inspector. This will allow you to define e.g. wether a date shows as "20/06/2016" or "20-6-16" or if quantities show up as "1.2234" or "1.25"

Optimising whitespace

Whitespace can have different causes. In some cases you just need to optimise the distances between items. In other cases, the objects need to dynamically be resized depending on the content of the fields inside the database.

Whitespace between items

Secect all items to visualise white space between the text boxes. The space between the items will remain in the layout when you print. Sometimes this whitespace is repeated multiple times in the layout, e.g. spaces within the quote lines. Check the space both at the top and the bottom of the objects.

Dynamic resizing

Text boxes can also be dynamically resized based on the content of the record to optimise whitespace. Text elements will never get larger than what you make them in the layout, but they can become smaller if there is less content in the database.
You will see that a lot of fields in Streamtime layouts are much bigger than they should be, that's just to let you enter more text if you like.
Tick on the sliding options in the Position tab of the Inspector to slide items up based on the content and also make sure to resize the enclosing parts:

Note that overlapping text boxes and other objects – in combination with the sliding options could result in unexpected behaviour. Try not to make items overlap one another.

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