If you would like to access Streamtime Web then email classic@streamtime.net and our support team will take care of you.

If you have good IT knowledge and want to tackle this yourself... read on...

1. Check that you meet the Minimum System Requirements

- Streamtime 12.0v3 and above

- FileMaker Server 12 and above
- External access to the web server running on your FileMaker Server machine
- Mystreamtime.com account details

2. Enable Web Publishing within FileMaker Server

Your FileMaker Server machine must have a Web Server running, either Apache (OS X) or IIS (Windows).

If you are unsure about this please check with your IT manager.

a) Log into the FileMaker Server Admin Console

b) Within FileMaker Server Overview/Status Menu check if Web Publishing is enabled

c) If you don’t see Web Publishing Listed, Web Publishing is not enabled, click “Edit Deployment"

d) Select “Enable Web Publishing” with the settings as below and follow through the steps till complete

3. Network Configuration - Configure Port Forwarding

Streamtime Web sends requests to the Web Server on your FileMaker Server's machine; the Web Server receives the request, passes it onto FileMaker Server’s Web Publishing Engine, the data requested is then returned to Streamtime Web.

For IT Managers / Network Administrators
If your server is on a private network:
Your router must have Static Public IP Address (given to you from your Internet Service Provider) your FileMaker Server machine should also have a Static Local IP Address which does not change.
**If the IP Address of the FileMaker Server machine changes over time, this will break your connection to Streamtime Web.
You will need to configure a port forwarding rule in your router to forward any web requests coming in and direct that traffic over to the the Web Server running on the FileMaker Server machine via its Static Local IP Address.

Most Web Servers will be running on port 80 or 443 so a typical port forward rule would look something similar to:

WebRequests > WebServer on FileMaker Server > via Port

HTTP > > 80

To access Streamtime remotely via FileMaker Pro, you will also need to open port 5003 and route that traffic to the FileMaker Server machine.

4. Login to mystreamtime.com and tell us how to communicate with your FileMaker Server.

a) Sign in to your mystreamtime account

Go to www.mystreamtime.com where you will need your MyStreamtime email and password details to login - if you are not aware of these details email support@streamtime.net.

b) Select 'Addons' in the Manage menu bar

c) Enter your network settings

IP Address Your Static Public IP Address
File Name - The name of your Streamtime database. Will in most cases be named “Streamtime".
File Extension - Select .fmp12 from the drop down list.
Domain URL - This can be anything you like (a-z and hyphens only) yourCompany.mystreamtime.com

Once the details are entered, select 'Change’. MyStreamtime checks that it is able to communicate with your FileMaker Server and will tell you if any errors were found.

5. Sign into Streamtime Web from anywhere, anytime on any device!

- In any web browser, enter https://yourCompany.mystreamtime.com
- Sign in using your Streamtime account details




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