The Streamtime Client facing interface allows your Clients to accept and decline their Quotes. As an Account Manager, you'll get a notification and can take action to begin the job or start ordering that print work! Clients will also be able to see all Active Jobs for their Company when they log in.

Please note that you will need to ensure you've got access to Streamtime Web first. Please contact our Support team to arrange this, or if you've got sufficient IT skills please follow the instruction here.

Step 1. Setting up your clients so they can sign in online

Once you have created a company in Streamtime you'll then need to add each of the contacts at that company under the People tab (1).

When you create a person in Streamtime you'll need to make sure they have an email address (1) and a password (2) assigned to them, this will be how they sign into their web interface to view their quotes and jobs.

Once you have done the setup you can then send your clients the URL they'll need to access their web interface, as well as their username (email address) and password. The URL is usually

If you're working online you can send your new Client an invitation to set up their own password online. Please note that it is possible to revoke this access once it has been set up.

Viewing, Accepting and Declining Quotes online

The following article shows you how your Clients can sign in and view Quotes sent to them, Accept or Decline them.

How to Approve and Decline Quotes Online

Viewing Jobs online

Once signed into your Clients will be able to see all live Jobs that you are doing for them. The Jobs in this list are visible because of the Status. For more information on creating statuses click here.

Your Client will see appropriate dates as well as any Notes entered against the Job if you have chosen to show this information to your Client.

Showing your Job Notes to your client in Streamtime Classic

Showing your Job Notes to your client in Streamtime Web

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