To open Streamtime Classic on your computer you need to have FileMaker Pro installed on your machine. This article will help you get setup with FileMaker Pro and give you tips on how to connect.

The article covers:

  1. How to download and install FileMaker Pro
  2. How to open Streamtime for the first time
  3. Troubleshooting if you can't open Streamtime.

1. Download and install:

Download the correct FileMaker Pro for you (check this article here) and follow the steps on the video below:

FileMaker Pro for Mac OS X installation.

FileMaker Pro for Windows installation.

 On a PC you might get prompted with a Bonjour installation; this is normal and part of the installation of FileMaker Pro on a new PC.
Please note that you will need to enter the User Name and Organisation as Streamtime Software Ltd and enter the FMP Serial - 3438V-3T97X-3K7V7-7TM96-TV8T6-8M226-7T77V.

2. Opening Streamtime for the first time

a. We are hosting our own database

Once you have completed the installation go to File > Open Remote and click on Streamtime. If you have any issues, please check the next chapter.

b. Streamtime is hosting our database for us

If you are not hosting your own database you will need to get the correct url for opening Streamtime (the url starts with "fmp://")

3. Troubleshooting: Can't see Streamtime in File > Open remote?

Here are possible reasons why you can't see your Streamtime:

  • Are you sure your database is self-hosted? If not, it's normal you don't see anything here (see 2.b. above)
  • You're not on the same network as the Streamtime database. Try connecting to a different network within your premises. Compare to your team mates how they are connected.
  • You have a firewall that prevents you from seeing Streamtime (not uncommon on Windows). You'll need to add an exception to the firewall rules for port 5003. Ask your IT company to help if you don't know how to do this.
  • Are you the only one who can't connect to Streamtime? Or is it everyone? If it's everyone, the problem is bigger than you. You need to contact Streamtime. We will need Teamviewer access to your server.
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