If you want to customise your stationery templates (known as PrintForms in Streamtime), there are several options available to you.

OPTION 1 - real easy as we do the work 

We changed our default templates to match those in Streamtime Web (see below), which you can have free of charge; please note any pre-existing customisation will be lost as these templates replace what you have. Still like this idea? Drop us a line and we'll hook you up.

OPTION 2 - still pretty easy but you do the work

If you only have minor changes to make to your existing templates, the following articles will help you do this yourself. 

Change company address details on Quote or Invoice

Change logo on Quote or Invoice

Include terms and conditions on a Quote

Include payment details to an Invoice


OPTION 3 - this way madness lies

Streamtime version 9.0v3 and above offers the ability to customise your default templates in Layout mode; if you want to make substantial changes, read on.


Are you really sure you want to go down this rabbit hole?  If so, proceed with caution! These forms have the ability to take up a large amount of time; Filemaker is not particularly design friendly, making edits precarious work. If you mess up your forms and require our help, you will be charged £150 per hour. In this case, our preferred option will be to reinstate a backed up form (cheap for you); if this isn't possible then we'll fix your current form (expensive for you).

Still think this is a good idea? OK, lets go...


Step 1 - Check you have a recent backup of Streamtime

It is vital that a backup of your entire Streamtime database is completed before you begin editing your own PrintForms; this ensures that if changes made to the templates render the form unusable, a backup can be restored to avoid disruption to your organisation.  To check your PrintForms are being backed up, go to...

Mac: Macintosh HD > Library > FileMaker Server > Data > Backups

Windows: C:\ Drive > Program Files > FileMaker > FileMaker Server > Data > Backups


Step 2 - Duplicate the PrintForm you want to amend

Duplicate the PrintForm you want to edit and make it available in the Print Centre popup window, via the Print Forms Manager in your Streamtime Setup area. Making changes to the duplicate version of your default form will allow you to refer back to the default form as a guide.  

Watch this short video: 

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Step 3 - Edit your PrintForms

We've created a short video that will step you through the process of accessing and editing your forms.  

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