In Streamtime, you can create tasks, assign these to staff members and manage all the tasks on the Task Calendar.

The Task Calendar enables you to view tasks assigned to staff members. There is only one Task Calendar in Streamtime but as individuals you can decide what you want to see on the Calendar. For example a Business Owner may want to see all staff on the Task Calendar, whereas a Studio Manager, may only want to see the staff members in that work in the studio.

To set up your view of the Task Calendar go to Setup > My Setup and click the Add All button next to People Visible in Task Schedule

This will add the names of all staff members that have a Streamtime license.

Now when you click on Task Calendar the names of your staff members will appear in order of departments down the left hand side and their tasks will appear beside their name.

If you wish to change the order of staff names simply go back to Setup > My Setup and use the Order column to rearrange the order.

Note: The names will still be sorted by department, you’ll be changing the order of the staff within the departments.

You can also delete staff members from your Task Calendar view by selecting the icon in the Clear column.

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