This article outlines the steps required to setup the integration between Streamtime and Xero online accounting system; after a few simple steps, you'll be able to export your Streamtime invoices directly across into Xero. This video explains the process ~

1. Prerequisites

It is vital that certain pieces of information are an exact match in both Streamtime and Xero. These are:
 - Account codes
- Client Names
- Multiple currencies - if multiple currencies are being used then they must be pre defined in Xero.

***Xero recommend using Google Chrome web browser when setting up the Xero API***

2. Streamtime Setup

When in Streamtime, go to Setup > System Setup > Accounts Integration, ensuring you have set your accounts package to 'Xero online accounting software'.

3. Xero Setup

1. To set up your Xero account, go to and log into your Xero account.

2. Once in your account head Go to > My Apps > click 'Add Application'. (tip: if the screen doesn't look like the one below on your browser try using Firefox)

3. Set the type of application to Private

4. Create an application name; 'Streamtime' is a good choice but you can choose anything you like.

5. Choose your organisation.

6. Download this linked certificate -

7. Click > Upload X509 certificate (.cer) > Choose File & upload > accept T&Cs > Save

4. Application Added

Once you have uploaded the file, click the Save button below; now the application has been added.

On the right hand side there are OAuth Credentials; you will be provided with a "Consumer Key" and a "Consumer Secret". Copy and paste these codes back into Streamtime Setup > System Setup > Accounts Integration.

5. Paste Codes

The two codes then go into the two spaces that are at the bottom of the accounts package integration, in the invoicing setup.

Once those codes have been placed within those text boxes, Streamtime and Xero will then be able to integrate . All you will need to do is do a find for the invoices that you wish to export and then hit the Export button; this will then push those invoices straight into your Xero account.

6. Cost Matrix = Chart of Accounts

It is important to note that the items setup in the Streamtime cost matrix have sales/expense codes that match with the relevant Xero Chart of Accounts codes; if these codes are incorrect, the invoice will not export.

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