In Streamtime, you can assign a cost per hour to each staff member and also assign the number of hours per week they are meant to work.

This is the cost of that person working for your business per hour.

The advantages of assigning a cost to a staff member is to get a true idea of the cost of their time on a job.

Staff Cost Rate

To assign a cost go to Setup > System Setup > Users

By assigning a per hour cost to each staff member, as they enter time on each job you will get a clearer picture on how much the job is costing (below).

Staff Cost Rate - Time & Materials

If a staff member is assigned a cost rate per hour this will be reflected in the Jobs they put their time against in Jobs > Costs

This cost is also utilised in many of our reports.

Hours Column

Back in Setup > System Setup > Users, you can also assign how many hours a week a staff member is meant to work.

This is then utilised in the Staff Capacity Report (below) so you can see how many hours each department has in total for the week, how many hours have been assigned to each department and how many remain.

Staff Capacity Report

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