In Streamtime you can create Departments and assign different staff members to those departments. Creating departments provides the ability to assign certain Cost Matrix items to a particular group of people.

If your Cost Matrix has 100 items in it, but only 10 are relevant to the design team, creating a 'Design' department and assigning those 10 Cost Matrix items to that department means that all staff assigned to the 'Design' department will only see the 10 items relevant to them in time entry screens.

Assigning Departments

By going to Setup > System Setup > Users you will see a list of your staff that have been setup to use Streamtime

Each staff member can be assigned a Department

To create a department for a Staff member click the drop down arrow

Select Other

Type in the name of the Department and click OK

That Department will now be available in the drop down menu

Alternatively, click the arrow to the left of the Staff member's name

This will take you into a detailed view of that Staff member and you can type in a new Department name in the Department field

Once a Department has been assigned to one staff member then it will available in the drop down menu for all staff members

PLEASE NOTE: The department 'All' does not mean that any staff member assigned to this department is a member of each department present in the system. 'All' is simply the name of the default department setup in Streamtime.

Cost Matrix items also need to be assigned to a department in order for the item to be displayed in various parts of Streamtime. Please see the following article on Setting up Your Cost Matrix.

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