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This article steps you through the sections of the Streamtime Setup area that will be configured by an administrator when first accessing the system.

1. Currency & Tax

Streamtime handles Working with Multiple Currencies quite well. To utilise this you will need to to the following.

  • Enable any currencies that you will need to use on quotes, invoices etc.
  • Tax codes - An integral part of integrating with accounts packages is tax codes. It is vital that the tax codes you set up in Streamtime match those set up in your accounts package. If the codes do not match, invoice exports will be rejected by accounts packages.

    2. Branches

If your business has multiple locations or identities you can identify these through Branches in Streamtime. Branches are also used when managing multiple currencies.

  • Complete the various fields, making sure that a currency and tax code is assigned.
  • The address detail entered here will eventually appear on quotes and invoices within Streamtime.
  • Enter any Quote Terms & Conditions into the Quote footer field and your preferred payment options into the Invoice footer field.
  • Upload your company logo by right-clicking into the logo field and selecting 'Insert Picture' or by dragging into this field. jpeg is the preferred file.

3. Users

  • Each staff member required to access Streamtime will need to be set up in the users section. This is done by selecting the New Staff Member button and filling in the appropriate details.
  • The permissions each staff member are given are assigned at this stage also.
  • How to add new staff
  • Departments explained


  • Next Quote Number - setting your next quote number to a rounded number like 101, 501, 1000 is a good idea.
  • Noting that this is where the Quote status' are set up is all that is required at this point.

5. Jobs

  • Job Number Format. There are a number of options available for setting up your Job numbering system. These are fully detailed in the 'Recommended Numbering Formats' article.

6. Invoices

  • Next Invoice Number - set the next invoice number in your system. Check your current system or accounts package to make sure the next number set is high enough.
  • Default Payment Terms - If your organisation uses specific payment terms, they can be set up here.

7. General

  • Ensure that you have the correct Print Form language and paper size set
  • Add a logo to the Application Logo field should you wish - it will display on the main page of Streamtime.

8. Set up your Cost Matrix

Perhaps the most important area of Streamtime. A good deal of thought should centre around how to set this area up in your Streamtime system. Setting up your Cost Matrix for more detailed information.

9. Add Contacts

  • Contact companies and people can be added to the system manually as you go via the contacts section.
  • Or they can be imported following this article
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