The Tasks endpoint supports GET, PUT and POST.

The purpose is to allow you to access create and update tasks from Streamtime. You could create tasks as part of a job/briefing web interface or integrate with a third party tasking application. It could also be used if building something similar to our Client Web App.

The fields available as criteria in the API Previewer when utilising the Tasks endpoint for a GET are -

The full list of fields returned when doing a GET are -

'UsedTime'  // read-only
'JobStatus'  // read-only


Streamtime Classic Expert Tip:

If you wish to search for all tasks that start within a certain date range, you must put in both dates, separated by "...". Note that the date is in MM/DD/YYYY format - so month first, then day.
If you wish to find only open tasks (i.e. tasks that haven't been completed), you just search the 'DateActual' field for "="

So if I wish to search for all open tasks in September 2013, I would search for:

'DateStart': 09/01/2013...09/30/2013
'DateActual': =

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