The Quotes endpoint supports GET, PUT and POST.

The purpose is to allow you to access quote details from Streamtime and also create new quotes. You could develop a quote builder web interface or App or create something similar to our Client Web App .

The fields available as criteria in the API Previewer when utilising the Quotes endpoint for a GET are - 

Quote UID: may be the same as the Quote number but is a separate primary key field in the database. It is not visible in the Streamtime interface. For example -


Quote Number: is the quote number visible in the Streamtime interface. When doing a PUT this will be generated for you if left blank as will the Quote UID.

Quote Name: as seen in the Quote Tab of Streamtime.

Quote Status: can be viewed when doing a GET and can be added. A list of available statuses (from Setup - System Setup - Quotes - Active Definitions - Master List) is not available as a GET from the Streamtime database using the API so this would need to be hard coded into any quote builder/updater interface developed.

Order Number: is a text field and populates the Order No field in the Quote Tab in Streamtime. It is for a Client supplied PO number.

Client UID: is the Client Unique Identifier and can be accessed using the Contacts endpoint GET.

Client Name: is the Client company name as it appears in Streamtime.

Pricing Tier UID: allows you to search for Quotes that have a specific Price Tier. This is so you know which Price Tier from the Products endpoint is being used in your quote to the client.

Job UID: is the job the quote is related too. The job UID and job number will not necessarily be the same like the Quote UID and Quote number. You can do a GET on the Jobs endpoint to find out Job UID's. In general, you should use one or the other when creating or updating Quotes.



The following XML would be the bare minimum required to create a Quote. 

        <QuoteName>Test Quote</QuoteName>


You need a Quote Name, Client Name and at least one product (line item) to create a new Quote.

To see some simple example PHP code for interfacing with the Streamtime API click here.

The full list of fields returned when doing a GET are -



QUOTE_LINES (returned with the above Quote detail)


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