The Products end point supports GET only and is used to retrieve the Streamtime Cost Matrix detail. This is so, for instance, when building a quote or invoice using the Quotes or Invoice endpoint you have the appropriate Pricing Tier rates and information from the Cost Matrix (and you can use the Contacts endpoint to check what Pricing Tier a Clients is on.)

In the results the field <UID> under <Pricing> is related to the <PricingTierUID> in Contacts.

XML example from Products

        <Name>General (RRP)</Name>


XML example from Contacts

        <Name>Streamtime Software</Name>

The fields available as criteria when utilising the API Previewer on the Products endpoint for a GET are - 

Product UID is not visible in Streamtime and you will need to run a full GET to find the Product UID's.

Accounts Code is from the Cost Matrix and relates to the accounting package sales code.

Stock Category is the Cost Matrix CATEGORY (Stock Description is the Cost Matrix Task/Material.)

Sell Basis is either "Quantity Based" or "Time Based" as you can see in the image.

To see some simple example PHP code for interfacing with the Streamtime API click here.

The full list of fields returned when doing a GET are -


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