FileMaker Server 17 will be installed on the new hosted server. To connect to this version of FileMaker Server, you must have either FileMaker Pro 15 or 16 on your machine.

Which version of FileMaker Pro?

The version you install will be determined by your machine's operating system.

If your machine is running

  • Windows 7 or OSX 10.10 then install FileMaker Pro 15:

Mac - FileMaker Pro 15
Windows - FileMaker Pro 15 64 bit / FileMaker Pro 15 32 bit 

User Name: Streamtime Software Ltd
Organisation: Streamtime Software Ltd
License Key: 3JMJJ-8X2K3-3K3MT-3N9V1-XJKJ9-83977-J62XK

If your machine is running any of the below operating systems

Then install FileMaker Pro 16:

Mac - FileMaker Pro 16 Mac
Windows - FileMaker Pro 16 PC 64 / FileMaker Pro 16 PC 32

User Name - Streamtime Software Ltd
Organisation - Streamtime Software Ltd
License Key - 39J28-8K8KK-K8M3K-NNV76-88991-5TN27-787J4

Once FileMaker Pro is installed, how do I open Streamtime?

The filepath will be unchanged. Continue to connect to Streamtime using the same path.

Contact us and we'll quickly give you a unique link that you paste into your web browser which will automatically open Streamtime for you.

Having Trouble connecting?

If you have any problems connecting, please contact us and we'll get you up and running asap.

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