100: Consumer Key Missing
The API key found in http://mystreamtime.com Addons manager when you enable the Streamtime API. This must be provided as a GET or POST parameter named ‘key’.

101: Access denied. Invalid API Key.
Your API key is either incorrect or has been regenerated in the http://mystreamtime.com Addons manager.

102: No valid request data provided.
You must provide request data as GET or POST data in well-formed JSON or XML format. These must be under the ‘json’ or ‘xml’ parameter respectively. This error may occur when passed data cannot be parsed, or doesn’t provide a valid instruction.

103: Access denied. API is Disabled.
You need to enable the API in the http://mystreamtime.com Addons manager.

104: Couldn’t determine input type.
You must provide request data as GET or POST data in well-formed JSON or XML format. These must be under the ‘json’ or ‘xml’ parameter respectively.

105: API rate limit exceeded.
There is an API rate limit imposed — you’re only allowed to use a maximum of 100 requests per hour.
This is to protect against SPAM and service abuse. Should you have a specific reason or requirement make more than 100 requests per hour please contact our support team on support@streamtime.net and we can look to add an exception. The rate limit is imposed against a specific API key and we log number of requests against that API key but none of the actual request content.
Use of the API previewer tool does not count towards the 100 hourly requests.

106: Access denied. Invalid Signature.
Only messages signed using HMAC-SHA1 signature algorithm [RFC2104] will be accepted by the Streamtime API. All GET and POST parameters (in that order) must be escaped and encoded into a string using the [RFC3986] percent-encoding (%xx) mechanism. This will form the data that will be hashed. The hash key to use is the Secure Secret.

404: No Records found.
The API request executed successfully, but no records were found matching the given criteria.

405: Request body empty.
The request method required data, but none was found.

501: Not yet implemented.
The API endpoint does not support the HTTP method used for this request.

502: Cannot use PUT to update a record. Use POST instead.
A record with these details already exists, and cannot be created. POST must be used to update the records details.

503: Cannot create record, parent record not found.
The record defined as the parent could not be found in Streamtime.

Errors caused by malformed JSON:
600: JSON Parse Error: Maximum stack depth exceeded.
601: JSON Parse Error: Underflow or the modes mismatch.
602: JSON Parse Error: Unexpected control character found.
603: JSON Parse Error: Syntax error, malformed JSON.
604: JSON Parse Error: Malformed UTF-8 characters, possibly incorrectly encoded.

700: XML Parse Error(s).
Malformed XML will be returned under this status. Details of the individual errors will also be returned in the request results.

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